About us

The history of Studio Biscozzi Nobili Piazza

Constant commitment, cooperation and valuable partnerships

Studio Biscozzi Nobili Piazza is an Italian law firm specialized in tax law, corporate law and financial statement analysis.

The tax law firm was born from a spin-off, dated back to the late 70s, from the tax department of one of the major American auditing companies (PeatMarwick); the corporate department dates back to the late 50s, thanks to Prof. Nobili, founder of the law firm.

The law firm through a constant growth in size has reached the current structure composed of about fifty professionals, thanks to the integration of the tax and corporate department (1998).

The firm operates in the form of a professional association, and is characterized by independence and autonomy; traditionally offer consulting services for both domestic and international cases, joining, where required, of a network of foreign correspondents.

The firm is highly recognized as a reliable partner for a multidisciplinary approach and with a particular focus on Italian businesses who want to grow and develop abroad and on foreign entities doing business in Italy